Monday, November 17, 2014


Top Toys this Christmas for Oakville Kids is a list compiling the popular items we’ve seen and are sure your children will love!

Christmas shopping is exciting, we choose toys for our children and imagine the big smiles coming to their faces on Christmas morning. Every year there are new and exciting inventions, and 2014 is no exception! We want to help you find the right gift for your child to enjoy. We’ve looked through the toys hitting the top of popular charts and we’ve marked down the ones we think will bring the most fun for kids ages 5-12.

This age is great as the majority of toys can be used by this age group.  They are old enough to understand more complicated games, they can focus longer and put more creativity into what they do. The world opens up with more technologically advanced items bringing lots of opportunities to learn. We found toys to encourage your child’s development and creativity allowing them to grow through play. Click here to view the full list.

If you have children ages 0-4, click here. For teens ages 13 – 18, click here.

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