Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Amongst the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays with family and friends, many people take the time to find out how they can give back in Oakville this holiday season. Whether you choose the same cause every year or you are looking for a new way to help others this holiday season, there are plenty of Oakville food and toy drives happening that would love your support.

Things to keep in mind before you donate are:
  • Check the food bank's website for their list of most needed items.  While all donations are appreciated, they appreciate being able to provide all times of food items to those who need assistance.
  • Toy drives usually receive lots of donations for babies and younger children.  Items for kids ages 10+ are the most needed.  Jewellery, gift cards, games, school supplies and warm clothing items are good ideas for this older age group.  You might be able to find something unique at one of the local Oakville craft shows happening over the next few weeks.
Be sure to involve your children in your giving back project, it is never too early for them to learn compassion and why giving back is important.

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